Enterprise organizations using Salesforce can benefit from finance software integrations that streamline their financial information across the enterprise. With the ability to sync information, customize invoices, automate processes, and more, Salesforce AppExchange offers several Salesforce accounting apps that offer enterprise-driven solutions. This article takes a look at the top five Salesforce integration apps for enterprise organizations.


DBSync integrates Salesforce with QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online. Their solution allows users to integrate Salesforce Opportunity with a QuickBooks Account, Job, and Contact. One of the benefits of DBSync is that it offers an automatic online update, meaning users do not need to manually upgrade.

In addition, it allows users to synchronize invoices, estimates, orders, payments, and balance data from QuickBooks. Although they offer a free trial version, most enterprise organizations should opt for Pro or Enterprise versions. Their DBSync Cloud Workflow Enterprise edition for Salesforce is priced as a suite of users based on their usage and requirements. DBSync also offers discounts for enterprise organizations that are interested in multi-year subscriptions.

Invoices for Salesforce

The Invoices for Salesforce platform is designed for enterprise organizations that want to manage their invoices within Salesforce. This integration app allows enterprise organizations to custom design customer invoices and billing processes. Enterprises then gain the ability to execute invoices in either batch or individual mode.

Their batch entry process allows users to use a “click only” feature, which means that they can click their mouse to process batches. This prevents them from having to re-key financial data. This platform also offers additional features such as recording payments, adding financials alongside sales/customer information, and automated dunning.

Breadwinner for NetSuite

As an industry leader for Salesforce integration between several finance systems, Breadwinner for NetSuite offers enterprise organizations a two-way integration solution between Salesforce and NetSuite.

Known for its quick and easy installation and configuration, Breadwinner offers several key features, including Sales order creation and the ability to automatically prepopulate line items. They also provide access to both NetSuite items (e.g., Inventory, Purchase, Service) and complex NetSuite pricing.

Go to https://breadwinner.com/netsuite-salesforce/ to learn more.


FinancialForce cloud accounting software allows enterprises to integrate their core financial management functions on Salesforce. This integration app allows users to connect their front and back offices, eliminating the need to sync transactions and master data across multiple systems. They also offer the ability to monitor cash inflow and outflow across multiple bank accounts. Enterprise organizations can also use this app to automate billing and collections processes.

QuickBooks Advanced Automation by SyncQ

Known as a custom mapping integration app for Salesforce, QuickBooks Advanced Automation by SyncQ allows enterprise organizations to map any object to any QuickBooks transaction type.

This solution is useful for enterprises that need support for multiple QuickBooks Company connections. In addition, users can import existing QuickBooks records to Salesforce. They can also sync related transactions, multi-line estimates, invoices, bills, and sales orders.

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